Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Justice

I was pleased today to hear that Canadian singer/songwriter Buffy Saint Marie is being presented with the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award this year at our music awards ceremony- The Junos. How amazing to receive an award for what you have done for others.
Such a beautiful woman ageing well at 76 years young.
She spoke today about how her music was silenced in the US and continues to be because of it’s condemnation of war- songs like The Universal Soldier.  She took refuge on Sesame Street for 6 years to stay alive as an artist and in an effort to move her message forward with young people. She then said there is more money in love songs than protest songs. See how there are so many similarities between music and pots.  Although da Blues seem to be the best selling pots but not necessarily the best selling music. The protest song is probably what a Voulkos stack is all about for me.
I bought this Johnny Reid album and Scratch ruined it by telling me it was so full of corn ball love songs. My heart beats like a drum and all kinds of goofey lines.  Scratch was right and now I can hardly listen to the corny lines. If I ever muttered those words to my would be partner she would know I was sleeping with someone else.  Well not really sleeping.

So Dennis Allen you can keep the Bebe and Celine in the US but we want Buffy Saint Marie to come home from Hawaii and ya Neil Young can come back too.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

15 dogs

Every year CBC radio hosts Canada Reads which is a panel that defends 5 books they think Canada should read. Every time I recommend the book on my blog I get the lowest number of readers for the year. I think nobody reads books anymore. I am a pleasure reader with always a book on the go.
I had read 15 Dogs which is this year’s winner. The best jokes always start with “ a man walks into a bar”. Well 15 dogs starts with two Gods sitting in a bar in Toronto and they make a wager that given human intelligence a dog would die happy. 15 dogs escape from a vet clinic and are given human intelligence. What is to follow is a sad commentary on us as humans- our jealousy, our hatred, our fear of what is different.
Humble the Poet was the defender of the book and he was brilliant. I am not a dog lover. I love cats more since they are more apt to be artists because they can survive without us. But I was attracted to this book by the opening “ A man walks into a bar”. Gets me every time.

I don’t want to ruin the ending for you if you do happen to read the book but the survivor is a poet. He has created something- language and he has loved and was loved. He has not taken a master and has remained a free spirit. There is so much in Prince the dog that I can identify with.  I ordered the second runner up today “ A Company Town”. Throw away all your self help books and read something interesting. You are your own hero!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


There was amazing response yesterday to my union with Dan Finnegan at STARworks, NC  in January/February of 2018.  Gaydar was working overtime with my biggest blog numbers in years

.  I love it when I get your hopes up and then let you down. 
Why would it be such a surprise that The Odd Couple would want to spend a couple of months working together? Look at what we have in common. I am a carnivore with a love of southern BBQ and Dan is a vegetable that even grills tofu. I drink freshly ground high test coffee and Dan is a tea nanny. Thank God he is not a tea toddler. I like southern bourbon and Dan likes his highland whiskey. As I age I am loosing my hair and he is growing more. Actually I’m pretty sure he came out of his mother’s womb with a full beard. Dan is from working class industrial Buffalo, NY and me I was born in a log cabin I helped my father build. We are both English trained potters. Dan trained at the famous Winchcombe Pottery with Ray Finch and me with jug man Mick Casson.
Dan says he is going to step up his blogging to be in the same league as yours truly. My blogs from China when I was there as a USU student were amongst my best. It was total immersion in my work and the place.  It will be interesting for Dan and I report on our residency from the other side of the kitchen table. We will both be fully immersed in our work and the sharing of our skills.
I have a secret weapon that I tried out today when visiting my friend Emma Smith. I took her some bacon donuts to have with our coffee. They are beyond decadent!!! This is what will take Dan over to the Dark Side. Bacon has cured more vegetables than any other meat.
So what do you think if Jack Lemon grew a beard could he be Dan?

Felix Unger