Friday, August 24, 2012

Mud n Music

Hey gang: I'm doing a workshop at Pinecroft and on the Saturday evening we have Kiwi guitar wizard and guitar maker playing for dinner. Great dinner and cash bar which will be a nice time for us all to mingle. Aylmer is situated 2 1/2 hours from Detroit and the same to downtown Toronto.

Making an Impression : OCTOBER 27-28, 2012
Workshop with Tony Clennell at Pinecroft, Aylmer ON.
Pinecroft is very pleased to host a fall workshop with
Tony Clennell MFA, RCA
This will be a demonstration only workshop that will focus on larger than life utilitarian pottery for occasional use. Attention will be paid to the details on large casseroles, pitchers, bowls and plates so they may be used for celebration and presentation. Tony's specialty over the years has been sectional or composite throwing where he adds many pieces together to make one vessel. Participants that normally cannot throw more than a few pounds of clay often throw with ease 3-5 times as much after the session. Space will be limited. The cost is $150 which includes morning coffee/muffin and lunch in the Green Frog Tearoom. As an added bonus there is a music concert on the Saturday night featuring NZ acoustic guitar whizz Graham Wardrop- dinner and music $35. Cash bar, a good chance to mingle with the potters in the workshop.

For those wishing to make a weekend of it there are accommodations available in Aylmer at The Countryside Inn….rooms are on hold under Pinecroft until October 1st … Rates are …$ 89 plus tax , 2 double beds…2 or more nights $85…
Rooms are also available at The Comfort Inn St.Thomas … person per room $85.49 2 people $94.49 Corporate Rate

Please contact to register or for more details.

Pinecroft Studio is located at 8048-8122 Rogers Rd S Aylmer West Ontario…. 1 ½ miles south of Hwy#3 …Please note if using a GPS , you MUST put in 8122 Rogers Rd S MALAHIDE TOWNSHIP

When travelling on Hwy # 401 the exit is # 203….please visit our web site for map

Pinecroft 519-773-3435
8122 Rogers Rd S.,
Aylmer West, Ontario

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Polar bears, Inuksuk’s, wolfs howling

Just home from a successful workshop in Yellowknife, NWT. Hard to convince people that there is more to ceramics than wolves howling at the moon, inuksuk’s, and sprayed on northern lights. Having been in Yellowknife for a few days I’m blown away by the rocks, the lichens and mosses, the houseboats and the textures and patterns all around. The galleries and shops are full of pottery with inuksuk’s, wolves howling at the moon and nothing I would dare bring home to my bride as a souvenir. My hostess Ann an architect gets it. She does wonderful

line drawings of the harbor, the house boats and the wonderful similarity of Yellowknife to a Maritime village. Of course, she can’t make enough work to satisfy demand. Gee , is that a no brainer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I broke down

but who wouldn't. I went to Bullock's Bistro for a light lunch. A piece of whitefish the size ofthe end of a canoe paddle ,a bun, a pound of butter, a salad, real fries and a Stella- $40. It was worth the visit. I won't need to eat for a week.

My server took fashion design at Sheridan College where I teach and moved here in 1984. No moving back! There was a guy in there that I talked to and he said he lived in Barrie, Ontario where he fixed things. I asked what do you fix? He said I am a neurosurgeon. He caught 25 pike this morning in 4 hours. Wish I could buy Chad the bumper sticker- Work is for those that don't know how to fish. It was great and a must do in Yellowknife. NWT is 20% the land mass of Canada and has a population of 42,000. Yellowknife has a population of 20,000 so this is the BIG CITY. The closest big city is Edmonton which is 1500 kilometers away and Edmonton is on the same latitude as Moscow so now you know where I am. In the bush!


I'm here in Yellowknife, NWT trying to catch up with the time difference and have a look around town before the pottery performance art begins. I do love the distinctive license plates. Here is a view of Great Slave Lake from the rock above the house I'm staying in. Because of the three diamond mines in town the wages are high but so is the real estate. My host told me $350,000 for a trailer so many build house boats which contravene the city bylaws. Hey, this is the western frontier and it was built by people with survival skills. I walked downtown and saw the usual KFC, Boston Pizza and A and W but wanted something I couldn't get at home. There is a nice little Bistro around the corner but after I looked at the lunch menu I decided it ain't in my lunch budget $19.95 for whitefish, $12.95 for a glass of house wine, taxes and tip and I'm over $40 clams for lunch.

Hangin' Out

I'm in Yellowknife, North West Territories doing a workshop on Great Slave Lake. I got up early to do some marking and found ways to procrastinate by reading Robert Genn's bi- weekly newsletter. This is a quote I found interesting "The only thing that makes one an artist is making art. And that requires the precise opposite of hanging out; a deeply lonely and unglamorous task of tolerating oneself long enough to push something out." (David Rakoff)
Here is a couple of my students hangin' out. I wonder if after graduation when it is the lonely task of making art that separates those that do and those that need to hang out.
I'll go for a walk this morning and get some pics of The Knife. This is the farthest north I've ever been.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pinecroft School of the Arts

Most times when you want something to happen you have to do it yourself. Along with my cousins we have assessed the demand for a school of the arts with an emphasis on vessel making. We are making plans for music, photography and environmental studies but my focus is clay so that's what I will be working on.
We are planning a Pinecroft School of the Arts Discovery meeting in October for people that are interested We need to raise money to build the heart of the program which will include a large wood fired kiln and a gas fired car kiln to focus on atmospheric firings. Pinecroft is an idyllic setting and the idea of the school was my late aunt and uncle's dream. We will make it happen! We are kicking off the idea with a fall workshop that can include music and dinner.
The workshop will be Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and will include coffee breaks, lunch at the Green Frog Tea Room both days. You can also stay for the Saturday evening dinner and cash bar with New Zealand Acoustic guitar wizz Graham Wardrop- Hall of Famer in NZ.
Life doesn't get much better than this.