Friday, April 29, 2011

Potter's Digs

Potters are like farmers they're always crying poor. Truth is most like farmers live below the poverty line but they do have some time on their hands and with that they usually have really nice digs.
Here are few nice ones I visited while on the Island
Gordon Hutcheons tucked away in the forests of Denman Island
Les Crimp with a 14 dollar view of Nanoose Bay
Cathi Jefferson with a gorgeous house on the Cowichin River.
Robin Hopper/Judi Dyelle with a to die for property in Metchosin.
Robin being the king of pottery theatre rented John Lennon's Rolls to tour me around town in.

Nice to think about being treated like royalty on this Royal Wedding Day. I was soooooo busy trying to squeeze every last minute with Robin and Judi I forgot to take their picture. They're both cute- you'll have to believe me!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome Home!

Before I get into all the good times had with friends on Vancouver Island I'll show you what we woke to this morning. My neighbour has a wind turbine that usually sounds like a chain saw but this morning sounded like a snow mobile ripping up and down our driveway. Since my flight was delayed I crawled into bed at 3am and was awake at 8am. We sat down for breakfast and looked out the kitchen to see our neighbour's chicken barn flattened. Luckily it did not contain the 37,000 chickens. We were without power for 5 hours and have lots of tree damage everywhere. The condo overlooking the harbour in Victoria looks pretty inviting today.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

They don't get better!

You can't find better people than Gordon Hutcheons and his wife Sandy. My ole cyber buddy Les Crimp and I took the ferry from Vancouver Island out to Denman Island to witness the firing of Gordon Hutcheon's anagama. Gordon is the real deal and is good at every clay/firing technique he approaches salt, wood, crystalline, earthenware, high fire gas, raku and there's more. Today at the firing was a guy that does it all. He had a community of potters, a squatters village with cooking and sleeping facilities. They had bacon, eggs and pancakes for breaky and a turkey was being cooked in the make shift firebrick oven for supper. He has learned a lot in the past 40 years of mud slinging and he gives back to the pottery community in spades. Bon feu, Gordon and crew. I hope your pots are blessed as generously as we the clay community have been by your enthusiasm for mud, water and fire.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Name dropping

I was saying to Mick Jagger the other night at Sir Paul McCartney's castle  that I hate name droppers. Mick and Paul concurred.
So next Tuesday I finish my year with the students at Sheridan College- School of Craft and Design and on the Wednesday I hop on a flight to Victoria, B.C. Going to give a workshop up island to the Ladysmith Potters Guild on Thursday and Friday and presenting at the BC Potter's Masters Conference on the Sat. I'm staying with an old time cyber friend Les Crimp who in his 70's is firing his bourry box wood kiln. A man with good genes. Sunday Les and I are going to Gordon Hutcheon's anagama firing on Denman Island. Gordon is a guy that does all of ceramics really, really well- raku, cyrstalline, high fire, wood fire and salt glazing. I hate guys like Gordon. Monday, I'm off for lunch at Cathi Jeffferson's. Cathi is one of our premier salt/soda firers. After lunch I head down island for two days with my buddy Robin "Grass" Hopper. Grass is cooking up some chowder for me and taking me on a private tour of the pots of the Victoria Museum. We're going to "Smokin Bones Cookhouse" for some real southern BBQ and Grass tells me they have 18 brands of bourbon. My oh my, oh my life is good y'all!
Check out these potters
Robin Hopper/Judi Dyelle

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fast Mover

Apologies that I have not been posting to my blog of late. Up to my ears in Crappademia. 8 of our Sheridan students went to Nceca in Tampa, Florida. I told them if you see "Grass" Hopper corner him and tell him you're my students. Well, they are champion log rollers and he is a sucker for good looking women so here is a photo of Robin and his/my harem. The students came home inspired and told me Grass's closing address was worth the price of admission. Congrats ole boy. You haven't lost your edge.