Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bars and Diners

With a name like Tony people always expect me to be the proprietor of a pizza shop or a barber's shop called "Tony's Clip Joint" or something Italian. No one ever thinks it could be Anthony and not Antonio.
Here are a couple of my favourite Tony places. The kids sent a picture from Jamaica of my new bar. Looks like a civilized outdoor patio in January compared to what I see out my window today. When in Michigan Cyndi took me for my heart attack on a plate bacon and egg breaky at her favourite diner. I was blown away with the Fiesta ware cups and shard counter. Nice, nice, nice! And the waitress wasn't wearing a green outfit, didn't call me hun or darlin' and didn't have a bad prison tattoo of a rose on her bosom. It was a young guy that was friendly, perky, did his job well and didn't pretend he was just doing this until his acting career kicked in. He was good at his job and I tipped him well. It's a no brainer!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

this past weekend I presented a workshop for the West Michigan Potters Guild at Grand Valley State University. Had a great time with my friend Cyndi Bacon Casemeir Johnson and the gang there. Here are a few of the pots that I made. Flying in the winter sure is a pain with clothes, de-icing, delays and worries about arriving on time to make connections. Home safe and sound and glad to have spent such a good time with my friends south of 49 but  further north than where I live.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chick Magnet

Yesterday, I had a visit from Heidi Zach a marketing student of mine from Wiarton District High School some 24 years ago. Heidi's grandfather was eccentric old Austrian that had a house and castle on the rocky shores of Colpoy's Bay. He carved everything in sight. He carved the floors, the window sills, the doors, the rocks. He really should have been the subject of a CBC documentary. Heidi had a brain for business and went Brock University to become a Chartered Accountant but with this artist gene in her bones how could she be happy? Similar to me in that my aunt and uncle placed this artist seed in my head that didn't allow this square peg to fit into the round hole of the business world. Thankfully for both of us a life in the arts would be our destiny.
It will be our great pleasure to make a 12 place dinner service for Heidi and her husband Robert. We've been given the freedom to make it all different.
It was a wonderful visit for me. That students of a couple of decades past think enough of me to make the connection once again makes me feel that teaching really is one of the most important and gratifying jobs in the world. It's like having a very large extended family.